Bed Bug Dogs, Long Island Bed Bug Dogs

You will NEVER get a high pressure salesman showing up at your home and shocking you with an estimate. Simply give us a call and we will provide a free quote right over the phone.

Relief is just a phone call away when you rely on Long Island Bed Bug Dogs. We will find the safest and most effective way to treat your pest or insect problem and then work on preventing your unwanted guests from returning.

Here we see one of Long Island Bed Bug Dogs' trained professionals utilizing Cryonite to safely ‘freeze’ and eliminate bed bugs without the use of poison or harsh chemicals.

Bed Bug Dogs

The most effective Bed Bug Detection Method Today

We're sure you've heard of Bomb, Arson and Drug finding dogs. Well, now man’s best friend is also a weapon in the war against bed bugs.

In simple words, we use certified and highly trained bedbug dogs that can pinpoint bed bug infestation areas in minutes. For example, a bed bug canine can search an average hotel room in less than 2 minutes! Once they find the infestation, remediation of the bed bugs can be done quickly to produce faster results and less costs to you.

Long Island Bed Bug Dogs uses an integrated management approach that incorporates the following protocols in its service offering to remediate bed bugs:

Are dogs and dog handlers are highly trained?

  • Our dogs detect bed bugs in every nook and cranny so they can be found and eliminated.
  • Our dogs have been trained by a master canine trainer and have received 800 hours of training in bed bugs detection.
  • They are 96-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius where they’re located.
  • Our dogs perform bedbug inspections on a daily basis.
  • These dogs work practically every day side-by-side with our certified dog handlers.
  • Our Methodology has been featured on Animal Planet and in The New York Times.

Inspection Requirement

Our Inspection Requirements to determine if your home or apartment has bed bugs are simple!

  1. Turn off any air conditioning, fans and close windows at least one hour prior to the inspection.
  2. If you have a pet, remove them and their food temporarily during the inspection. A good place might be the bathroom.
  3. Remove as much clutter and visible food items from the living areas before the inspection providing the handler and canine enough room to perform the inspection. Visualize yourself with a dog to your left trying to inspect all areas of your home or apartment. The better the working condition, the better the result!
  4. Vacuum all floors to remove any food items and other debris from the floor. 
  5. Turn off or mute all radios and TV’s from the rooms prior to the inspection.
  6. In order for the canine member to be completely focused on your inspection, you will be asked to leave the inspection temporarily until performed.


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